Join Us Digitalizing Cameroon

Experienced Graphic Designer

We Need A Pay-As-You-Go Graphic Designer as instructor for our next Carreer Training Session In Douala & Yaounde. Intrested parties Can Apply Directly here


  • At least 5 Years Working Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Or similar Logo Designing Softwares
  • Portfolio Containing Your Works
  • Be a Resident in Douala or Buea
  • Fluent In English and French


  • Teach A Group Of 10-20 Individuals, Physically, for a Period of 5 hours Daily
  • Training Should be focused on Digital Branding Skills like Logo Designing using the Related Softwares

Marketting Agents

We Are hiring both physical & Digital Marketting Agents. Click On the "Apply now" Button For more


  • Be Fleunt In French for the French Speaking Regions & english for the english speaking Regions
  • Must Have A Proper Mastery of the Cities
  • Must have at least 2 years of Working Experience & a C.V To show
  • Good Interpersonal Skills


  • Create Awareness About A Specific App (Apps) At Certain Venues
  • Peer-to-Peer MArketting At Certain Venues which will be selected


We are hiring Any individual with proper Qualifications To update/Draft user Agreements for Our Apps and Platforms


  • Must Have At leastt 1 year Working Experience in Copywritting
  • Must have Skills & Knowledge of Excell and Similar tools used to Generate Documentations


  • Keeping up with Our New Apps and Updating OUr Current User-end Agreement
  • Must make these Agreements in English & French


We are Hiring Moderators For some of Our Platforms.


  • Criminal Record Not later than 7 days old
  • Must Be Fluent In English & French
  • Have a Valid & Upto-Date Cameroonian/Foreign International Passport for Verifications


  • Reply to messages on our Platforms (Dispute Or Report Messages)
  • Report Disputes Or Claims To "Super Admin" USing our Human Resource Platform and App
  • Refering Scam/Fraud Cases To our Legal Partners for Proper Action

Delivery Agents & Restaurants

Register your Restaurant today on DeaconEats Having a Car Or a Motocycle for Delivery Is a bonus! You get to get Delivery Oders From 10km Radius Of Your Location
Freelancers with no Bikes or Cars for Delivery However will be able to get notifications About Orders Coming Restaurants within a 5Km Radius of their houses/Work Posts ONLY.Apply Via DeaconEats Delivery !


  • Be Located in the Cities Of Douala, Yaounde, Buea, Limbe & Kribi
  • Have a Proper Mastery of you Local area (Quartier)
  • Upto-Date & Valid National Id and Passport
  • Most have some Verifiable Experience with Food Handling and Home to Home Delivery
  • Must be availe During Restaurant Working Hours to Accept Orders from The Delivery Man App
  • NOTE: The Order Notices You Get will Be also Sent to Delivery Agent/Companies who fall in your Same Radius Of Delivery. Hence, We Want You To know. If You plan on Making a Delivery, You will Have to be avaible to Manually Accept an order when you Get Notified,


  • Safely Delivery Order By Specied Means of Delivery
  • Must Have An Android Phone in order to Run OR GPS sharing app and Delivery Man APP,Hence You will have to ALways share your GPS location with us as everytime to update the Client about the Status of their Delivery
  • If Attributed to a Restaurant, you will Be Responsible for the Restaurants Orders Acceptance & Rejection

Awesomeness begin here. Are you ready?