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WalKamer is your to go fitness utility app. Set Weekly goal setting for Heart Health & Distance Map your route, – Record your routes with GPS. You can save your paths and share your route maps with friends. Calculate distance covered and calories burned while running. WalKamer is a completely offline solution that Keeps detailed record of your all run activities.

My Vitalcalco-Telehealth

My VitalCalco is a 100% offline based Product. Meaning all your personal Data Gets stored on your Device only. Calculate, Generate and Get your own Charts alongside accurate data for your: -BMI (your Body Mass Index) -Daily calorie requirements to lose/gain weight - Target heart rate (THR) training zones - Ideal weight - Body fat percentage - Blood volume - Blood alcohol content (BAC) -Daily water intake requirements Generate Your own personal

vitalcam|News-Magazines & News Papers

Get Latest Scientific Publications and Articles About the Business World Only.

Cactus|Match-Dating App

This is our Social And Dating Platform. Discover Nearby Users And Match With Them According To Your Preferences. With Cactus match, You can as well book an appointment for a blood Test with you and your match (API's From My Vitalcam). Cactus Match, in partnership with My Vitalcam will send you an S.M.S notification With your Appointment Details.


This is our news and magazine app For Career Development/Coaching , Self Motivation and Postivie thinking. Hosting by . With this App, Get Daily Motivational Articles, Interact with peers (comment and Replies Only). From Certified Coaches ONLY. It Also Comes With a livePod Cast Event Streaming.

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